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Welcome to my website!

The website is intended as a form of self-expression, a way of sharing my interests and passions, as well as a means to promote my professional endeavors. I hope you find it interesting browsing around!

In recent years, I have developed a heart for missions and have been doing humanitarian work around the world. In 2005, I served in Kenya, East Africa, for 5 weeks. In 2006, I worked (and played) in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa.

  Kenyan kids

Lion in Zimbabwe


In 2007, I led a mission down the Amazon River in Brazil and co-led a team back to Kenya. In 2009, I went on a trip to India and then went back again to India in 2010. In 2011, she led a team to Haiti to help with the rebuilding effort after the earthquake. These trips have been awe-inspiring and life-changing for myself and my teams.

If I have one addiction, it is traveling. I am a travel lush and have been around the world to virtually every continent. Favorite places include the smaller towns in Italy: Cinque Terre, Bellagio, Siena, Venice, as well as the west coast of Ireland, Prague, Paris, Dubai, the plains of Kenya, Mombasa, the Zambezi River and Hong Kong.

I love doing anything creative and have developed a passion for photography. I have added many of my photos to the website, many of which are for sale. I hope to develop this talent further, especially as I continue to travel and serve around the world.

I am also a graphic/web designer and interior designer, as well as an award-winning costume designer. I design websites mainly for weddings, actors, directors and designers, click here for more information and pricing.

  Vernazza, Italy

A Mislaid Heaven


I served on t he Artistic Board of The Road Theatre Company for 11 years where I worked as a producer, director, publicist, costume designer, photographer and actress. I currently serve on the Corporate Board.

I also served on the Board of Governors of L.A. Stage Alliance and have lectured on marketing/publicity at various theatre conferences.

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